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    With VetPlan Plus we offer health coverage for your pet that goes further than the Basic plan. It includes, as well as the basic coverage, any necessary hospitalisation and common diagnostic tests without sedation.

    Everything already included in VetPlan Basic, and 3 days Hospitalization if required.

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    • Simple aspirations for microscopic analysis 
    • Simple x-ray ( just one position)
    • Simple abdominal ultrasound scan
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Simple ophthalmic examination
    • Standard eye examination
    • Standard complete blood count
    • Biochemical profile (up to 7 common biochemical parameters)
    • Common immunological tests (canine leishmaniasis, canine dirofilariasis, canine distemper, canine parvovirus, canine coronavirus, canine erlichiosis, giardiasis, feline immunodeficiency and feline leukaemia)
    • Skin scrapings for microscopic analysis and culture for dermatophytes
    • Urine analysis using diagnostic strips with up to 9 parameters
    • Vaginal smear test
    • Performance of skin biopsies to send to anatomic pathology lab (does not include the cost of external labs)
    • Special discounts in our Veterinary Clinic for Pets insured with Pet Plan!

    If Sedation is necessary, is not included. For other tests ask for a previous estimate.