- VETERINARY  CARE  AND VACCINATION:   From 1993, working and caring small animals. 
- HOME VISITS:  Sometimes, your Pet has stress when visit the Clinic; or for you is not possible to came to us.  In these situations, we can came to your house ( With appointment).
CERTIFICATES:  We can do certificates for travel to foreign countries ( Pet travel Scheme and export-certificates for countries outside EU), as well as prepare a programme of prevention of diseases on trips to exotic countries.

Laboratorio-webjpg - CLINICAL ANALYSIS: We have our own equipment to perform immediate analysis of blood. In minutes, we can have results, in order to establish an early diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment for your animal. 

For more complex analysis (hormones, PCR, genetic analysis, Allergies Tests ( Including Allergen immunotherapy) , and histopatology for example, we work with an external laboratory specialized in small animals, and in 2-3 days we have results in our Veterinary Clinic.

- DIGITAL X-RAY:  Digital tecnology  gives the possiblility  to contrast and increase areas to study them better and arrive quickly to a diagnosis.

- ULTRASOUND: To explore soft structures, sometimes x-ray is not enough and  is necessary to make tests by this way. 

- DENTAL CLEANING:  Like us, cats and dogs can have teeth problems, that they produce a bad breath , gums infiammation, infeccions and pain in teeth structures. We have the equipment to make dental cleaning with ultrasound and medicines to prevent and care mouth problems.
-SURGERY:  We have extensive experience in soft surgical tissue.     
Our Surgical room is equipped with inhalation anesthesia and monitoring, as well as high-tech cutting coagulation equipment, to minimize bleeding.  



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- PET  FOOD:   We provide hight Pet quality food and Diets for care and prevention. 

We work with Virbac ( Diet and Fisiologic) and Probiotic LIVE (Bacterfield)