In Veterinaria Victoria us apart from the competition because we offer the most complete plans pet health in Moraira. We have plans at competitive prices for dogs and cats. Choosing the health plans that we have in our veterinary clinic is to guarantee top quality health care for your companion animal in very good economic conditions.

Pet health plans with the best cost-benefit ratio

The pet health plans that we provide are designed so that your pet has an excellent preventive health service. Depending on its age, species and other characteristics, in our facilities you can find the most suitable package for your faithful friend.

The plans are covered for a wide variety of illnesses, including vaccinations and preventive care. Investing in the health of your pet is to ensure a healthy and longer life, so that you share all its stages with them.

Health coverage for dogs and cats

Health plans are very varied. For your dog we have benefits such as rabies vaccines, multipurpose vaccination, microchip, official EU passport, deworming, radiology, veterinary consultations , as well as important health services.

Take a look at our information table according to the age of your dog and you will see that if the corresponding plan does not have coverage for a service, you can also opt for a discount of up to 30%.

We also offer comprehensive coverage for your cat. Depending on his age, this will include complete blood count, trivalent feline vaccination, internal and external deworming, urine test with UPC and much more.

Like the service for dogs, health coverage for your cat provides discounts on those services that are not available for their age. This discount can be given up to 30%.

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