Leishmaniasis is an illness transmited by a mosquito.

We find Leishmaniasis in the north of Latin-America and in the Mediterranean zone, where it is endemic. Also in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Libya and Morocco.

What are the Symptoms?

One of the first symptoms is the loss of hair around the eyes and the nose. In almost all the cases we can see that the dog has appetite but can notice a weight loss. It shows inflammation of the skin on the head and paws; but mostly in the parts where there is contact with the ground. In the last stages of the illness, we can notice long and soft claws.

Kidneys and liver can be affected in Visceral Leishmaniasis.

What can I do if I think that my dog has Leishmaniasis?

Bring your dog to the Vet to do a blood test. We recomend to do tests every year before the symptoms appear. This ensure that your dog lives longer and with a better quality of life.

Is there a treatment for my dog?

Yes, we can just treat and control; but is the possibility that the symptoms can reappear. When they contract the illness, stay allways in the body.

What is the incubation time of this illness?

It can be from 3 month to 18 months. Sometimes – but also very rarely, the body eliminates Leishmaniosis by itself.        

Can I catch this illness if this mosquito (flebotomus)  bites me?

Yes, but the risk is very small and this illness in humans is easy to treat (except in cases of humans with the immune system is deteriorated).

Does a vaccination exist against Leishmaniosis?

Yes. Fortunately, actually exist two vaccines against Leishmaniasis, and are used to vaccinate dogs from six months of age; to reduce the risk of developing an active infection and clinical disease after contact with Leishmania infantum.

Vaccine must to be used only in ‘leishmania-negative’ dogs. The detection of Leishmania infection using a rapid diagnostic test is recommended before vaccination.

The vaccine protection in dogs is report in 65-70%. Anyway; It is also recomended to protect also with collars or pipets that contains permetrina or deltametrina,to reduces the risk to contract the illness.