The Leishmaniasis is a disease of wide distribution transmitted by mosquitoes.

It is found in northern Latin America and in the Mediterranean area where it is endemic: Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey, Israel; Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

What are the clinical symptoms?

One of the first symptoms is usually hair loss, especially around the eyes and nose. In almost all cases it is observed that the dog has a good appetite but loses weight. When it is already in late stages of the disease, long and weak nails can be seen.

What do i do if i think my dog ​​has LeishmaniAsis?

Take your dog to your vet for a blood test. Anticipating the symptoms will make your dog live longer and with a better quality of life.

Can a treatment be done for my dog?

Yes, although the animal remains a carrier for life and requires periodic controls.

What is the incubation time of the disease?

The time varies from 3 months to 18 months.

Sometimes - but very rarely - the body clears Leishmaniasis, recovering from the disease.

Can I catch the disease if the Leishmaniasis mosquito bites me?

Yes, but the risk is very small and the disease is simple to treat (except in cases of humans with problems with their immune system (immunosuppression). The transmission of this disease is through the mosquito or by a blood transfusion.

Is there a vaccine against Leishmania?

Yes!. Fortunately, there are currently 2 licensed vaccines against Leishmaniasis. They are applied to part of the 6 months of age and in healthy animals. (not positive for Leishmania).

The reported vaccine protection is around 60-70%; and protection depends not on the vaccine, but on the immune system of each animal.

That is why, in addition to vaccination, it is recommended to continue protecting the dog with collars or pipettes containing permethrin or deltamethrin, to reduce the possibility of contracting the disease.


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