Monday to Friday:
09.00 a 17.00hs
10.00 a 13.00hs

PHONE (VET): +34-966 499 269
  EMERGENCIES: +34-626251950

We are a team with love for animals. Since our beginnings, in 1993, we have been training and incorporating new technologies to make a better diagnosis of your pets.

We have digital Radiology, machines for blood analysis in our Vet, skin tests, cytologies, etc. We also have extensive experience in internal medicine, general surgery, dermatology, feline medicine, etc.

Since 2003, we have collaborated with various Charities; performing sanitary controls, Identifications, and sterilizations to control the canine and feline population.

Get in touch with us, it will be a pleasure to help you.

Curso Auxiliar Veterinario: La formación en nuestra clínica,  combina clases teóricas con prácticas;  que lo diferencia de cualquier curso  on line.  Contactanos!

TRAVELLING WITH  YOUR PET: From October 2004; dogs, cats and ferrets; when they travel to another country In Europe must to have....